A few years ago, I was writing an application to come and join the EcoFun team […]
Great ECOFUN momento from this years COSANOVA splinter meeting at the EGU conference in Vienna. There […]
Last week we had the opportunity to host a science discovery stage for three high school […]
In the past few years, carbonyl sulphide (COS or OCS) has emerged as a new promising […]
The EcoFun team will be well represented at the next EGU meeting held in Vienna, Austria […]
BG1.5/AS4.7 Terrestrial ecosystem responses to global change: integrating carbon, nutrient and water cycles in experiments and […]
Noelia defended her thesis “Effects of ontogeny and water stress on stomatal regulation on different plant […]
Noelia Saavedra has just arrived in our group to do a MSc internship with Teresa and Lisa. […]
Three EcoFun members have participated in a study reviewing optimal stomatal behaviour across the globe. The […]
Teresa Gimeno has just arrived in our group as a Idex postdoctoral fellow. She will be […]