A new paper led by Aurore Kaisermann is currently under review in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics discussion. In this […]
Sam’s new paper “non-destructive estimates of soil carbonic anhydrase activity and associated soil water oxygen isotope […]
After 4 great years and playing an active role in the story of the ECOFUN team […]
A new paper led by Samuel Jones is currently under review in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences discussion. In […]
A new paper led by our PhD student Joana Sauze on the role of pH on […]
Last week we had the opportunity to host a science discovery stage for three high school […]
In the past few years, carbonyl sulphide (COS or OCS) has emerged as a new promising […]
After an intense few days discussing soil microbial COS and CO18O exchange the ECOFUN team treat […]
The EcoFun team will be well represented at the next AGU meeting held in San Francisco, […]
A new discussion paper on modelling soil OCS transport and fluxes is currently under review in Biogeosciences discussion. […]