Jérôme Ogée • Senior Scientist (EcoFun team leader)

Tel: +33(0)55712-2422 • Email: jerome.ogee@inra.fr

Jérôme received his PhD from Toulouse-3 University (under the supervision of Yves Brunet). He did his postdoctoral work at LSCE (with Philippe Ciais and Philippe Peylin) and joined INRA in 2003. His research focuses on the response of terrestrial ecosystems to environmental changes and extreme climatic events (especially droughts), and on how it impacts the water, CO2 and energy balance at the Earth’s surface.

Research Activities and Expertise

Research Activities ♦ My research focuses on land-atmosphere interactions and particularly on the impact of climate change and extreme climatic events such as droughts or heat waves on the water, CO2 and energy balance at the Earth’s surface.

Tools ♦ For this I use numerical models that describe the physical microclimate within plant canopies and soils (radiation, air temperature and humidity, wind, rain, soil moisture,…) as well as their biological activity (photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration, carbon and nitrogen allocation,…). To develop and test some modelling hypotheses, I use several datasets from multi-instrumented field sites from boreal, temperate, tropical and semi-arid regions as well as laboratory experiments conducted in climate-controlled chambers.

Expertise ♦ One of my main expertise is on the use of stable isotope signals (18O/16O, D/H, 13C/12C) from plant material (metabolites, cellulose), atmospheric CO2 and water pools (leaves, xylem, soil, rain,…) as recorders of ecological changes and plant function (photosynthesis, stomatal control, water transport, carbon allocation) or as additional constraints on the biogeochemical cycles of carbon and water over lands and their climate feedbacks.

Current Research Themes and Projects

Developing new tracers of the C cycle (OCS, CO18O) ♦ I am currently developing multi-tracer approaches to estimate with better accuracy photosynthetic and respiratory fluxes over continents in order to improve our process understanding of the high inter-annual variability in the CO2 uptake by the terrestrial biosphere. This research is conducted as part of two projects: the ANR project ORCA (2014-2017) that I coordinate and the ERC project SOLCA (2014-2018) coordinated by Lisa Wingate.

Response and adaptation of forests to drought ♦ I am also testing modelling hypotheses regarding the adaptation potentials to climate change of forest ecosystems, particularly in their southern distribution range where drought-induced forest mortality occurs. These modelling exercises are conducted as part of informal collaborations or through specific projects such as the France-Israel cooperation project WUE (2010-2011), the ACCAF international action DRAFT (2011-2012) or the Labex COTE project HydroBeech (2017-2019).

Response and adaptation of ecosystems to global changes ♦  I have been also developing tools using the carbon (13C/12C) and oxygen (18O/16O) stable isotope composition of plant cellulose to reconstruct past changes in the photosynthetic activity and transpiration rate of plants, but also inter-annual variations in xylem formation dynamics or non-structural carbohydrate reserves. This still on-going activity was initiated during the ANR project MIST (2007-2011) that I coordinated, and also through informal collaborations with different teams in Europe. This is also part of the Labex COTE project HydroBeech (2017-2019).

Microclimate and trace gas transfer in plant canopies ♦ I am also studying the role of species composition and canopy structure on the microclimate and the transfer of different trace gases (CO2, O3, OCS…) within plant canopies. This is to improve our understanding and predictions of emissions or depositions of trace gases and also better anticipate how forest management influences the microclimate in the canopy and the understorey with the aim of linking it to microbial and faunal biodiversity. This activity was partly funded by the ANR projects MIST (2007-2011) and VULNOZ (2009-2013) and more recently by the Labex COTE project MicroMic (2016-2019).

Publication list  

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