The ECOFUN team is running a water isotope facility lab comprised of a multiplexed vacuum distillation line and a Los Gatos 45EP laser spectrometer for water isotope analyses. The multiplexed distillation line allows us to extract water from up to 24 soil or leaf samples simultaneously. If you would like to use our laboratory to measure the hydrogen (2H/1H) or oxygen (18O/16O, 17O/16O) isotope composition of environmental waters, please fill up this simple form detailing the number and type of samples and send it to either or



← Sam doing the early tests of the multiplexed, vacuum distillation line.









Sam, changing the septa of our auto-sampler connected to the liquid water stable isotope analyser. →







IMG_1381← Our water vapour and liquid water stable isotope analyser, an LGR 45EP.