Two EcoFun members have participated in a study forecasting large-scale, drought-induced tree mortality in the southwestern US. […]
A new discussion paper on modelling soil OCS transport and fluxes is currently under review in Biogeosciences discussion. […]
Lisa’s paper presenting the European phenology camera network has been accepted for publication in Biogeosciences. See here. Congratulations!
Sarah’s paper from her MSc internship on intra-annual wood density modelling in maritime pine stands subjected […]
Laura Gangi’s paper on measurements and modelling of delta-18O profiles in soil water and CO2 in […]
Three EcoFun members have participated in a study reviewing optimal stomatal behaviour across the globe. The […]
Toshie’s webcam paper on the sensitivity of colour indices for discriminating leaf colours from digital photographs […]
Lydia’s Bayesian parameter optimisation paper on carbon isotope discrimination is now available online in Plant, Cell and […]
Congratulations to Lydia for her paper on branch-scale carbon isotope discrimination that has now been accepted […]