A new paper led by Aurore Kaisermann is currently under review in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics discussion. In this […]
Sam’s new paper “non-destructive estimates of soil carbonic anhydrase activity and associated soil water oxygen isotope […]
Last August, Functional Plant Biology published online our paper on the effects of soil water and […]
This excellent paper describes two different methods to monitor positive xylem bulk pressure 1) the pressure […]
A new paper led by Samuel Jones is currently under review in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences discussion. In […]
A new paper led by our PhD student Joana Sauze on the role of pH on […]
In the past few years, carbonyl sulphide (COS or OCS) has emerged as a new promising […]
Rising atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most certain driver of global change. We put out […]
A new study, led by David Ellsworth and in which Teresa Gimeno participated, shows that trees do not […]
A new paper, led by Elise Potier and Benjamin Loubet, shows that leaf infusion solutions destroy ozone faster the […]