Congratulations to Regina for her new paper that takes the MuSICA model to a new level by exploring the […]
Petit article (en français) publié par @EcofunTeam pour la #FêteDeLaScience sur les microclimats en forêt via […]
A new paper led by Sam Jones is currently under review in SOIL discussions. In this paper, […]
A new study from the @EcofunTeam has been published in New Phytologist. The study shows that […]
A new paper on beech forests’s ecophysiological response to droughts in current and future climate across […]
A few years ago, I was writing an application to come and join the EcoFun team […]
In this paper, we propose a new model that relates C18OO photosynthetic discrimination ∆18O to carbonic anhydrase (CA) activity, in order to estimate mesophyll conductance (gm) […]
A new paper led by Feng Tian (University of Copenhagen) and Jean-Pierre Wigneron (Inra) and involving […]
A new paper led by Adrià Barbeta is currently under review in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences discussion. In […]
One of the expected effects of rising atmospheric CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is an increase […]