Gaëtan Noual will defend his PhD thesis titled “Land use and regional climate: the impact of […]
Thomas Guzman will defend his PhD thesis titled “Are leaf chemical and spectral traits integrators of […]
Bertrand Ygorra will defend his PhD thesis titled « Apports de la rétro-diffusion radar au suivi de […]
Coming from the UK it was somewhat of a surprise for me to learn that I […]
After 4 great years and playing an active role in the story of the ECOFUN team […]
Elise Likiliki defended her MSc thesis “Acclimation and seasonal coupling of photosynthesis, respiration and carbonyl sulphide (COS) […]
After 3.5 years within the EcoFun team, Joana has finally completed her PhD and will be […]
Elsa defended her PhD thesis entitled “Rôle joué par le potassium dans la réponse au déficit hydrique […]
Noelia defended her thesis “Effects of ontogeny and water stress on stomatal regulation on different plant […]
Juliette defended her MSc thesis “Linking digital image signals to the seasonal variations in photosynthetic pigments of […]