As part of our continued collaboration with Alexis Achim and Laval University, Quebec ECOFUN hosted a […]
Adria Barbeta Margarit joins the ECOFUN team after completing his PhD at CREAF in Barcelona. He […]
Last week we had the opportunity to host a science discovery stage for three high school […]
In the past few years, carbonyl sulphide (COS or OCS) has emerged as a new promising […]
Our new project MicroMic has officially started. Spent a lovely day in the Ciron valley yesterday […]
Rising atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most certain driver of global change. We put out […]
Caroline Thaler from the Natural History Museum of France visited the ECOFUN team today to give […]
We are really pleased to welcome Bastien Frejaville to the ECOFUN team ! He will be working […]
Lisa travelled to Quebec to meet the young researchers at the Universite of Laval for there […]
Tania Fort has just started her PhD trying to understand the role of plant phyllosphere communities […]