Coming from the UK it was somewhat of a surprise for me to learn that I had to write a second thesis in order to formally supervise PhD students in France! This summer I finally decided that I would set a date to defend my HDR thesis (Nov 2nd 2018) and that this would force me to write it! I am glad to say that despite a pretty heavy workload this autumn I managed to write, submit and defend it successfully. I was very grateful to have a great jury (including Dr Claude Plassard that could not make it for the photo) for the soutenance and we passed a lovely day discussing the cool science going on in the ECOFUN team.

HDR Jury

Lisa’s HDR Jury from left to right: Prof. Stephen Sitch, Prof Dani Or, Prof. Jaleh Ghashghaie, Lisa, Dr. Pauline Defossez & Dr. Thierry Heulin

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