This year the EcoFun team is hosting five MSc students on a range of interesting topics:

  • Ludovic Lacombe (MSc 2), Université de Bordeaux: The influence of A. petiolata and other brassicas on COS emission from soils
  • Muriel Batide (MSc 2), Université de Bordaux: The role of hydraulic deformations on secondary growth in maritime pines ( P. pinaster)
  • Nicolas Cornette (MSc 2), Université de Tours: Modelling the microclimate in a riparian forest
  • Laura Clavé (MSc 2), Université de Tours: Disentangling edaphic and atmospheric water deficit effects on the water isotope separation between soil and stem water in F. sylvatica
  • Kenza Bakouri (MSc 1), Bordeaux Sciences Agro: Exploring water isotope heterogeneities in F. sylvatica stems

2018 ECOFUN MSc students from left to right: Kenza, Muriel, Nicolas, Laura & Ludovic

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