As part of our continued collaboration with Alexis Achim and Laval University, Quebec ECOFUN hosted a visit from Joelle Berthier. Joelle spent her time here learning about stable isotope variations in ecosystems and was trained in the preparation and extraction of cellulose for stable isotope characterisation.


Joelle preparing wood on the microtome for stable isotope analysis.

Joelle also spent time working with the teams in the Ciron valley as part of the Labex HYDROBEECH and MICROMIC projects characterising plant water uptake and phyllosphere community structure of the magnificent Beech trees in the valley.


Early morning preparations for fieldwork in the Ciron valley.

We hope Joelle was not put off visiting us again despite the bordealais heatwaves….we had fun having her around.


I am sure Joelle is listening to Bastien’s new music?

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