Elsa defended her PhD thesis entitled “Rôle joué par le potassium dans la réponse au déficit hydrique du maïs (Zea mays L.) : des mécanismes physiologiques au fonctionnement intégré du peuplement”. Her findings show a strong effect of K on wheat grain production and a higher water use efficiency with less of an impact on leaf-level physiology. The defence was followed by a nice wine degustation of Chateau Luchey-Halde from Bordeaux Sciences Agro and even a choir concerto! See movie below. Congratulations again to Elsa and thanks Lionel and Jean-Christophe for organising this entertaining programme afterwards!

BSA choir at Elsa's defence

Bordeaux Science Agro’s choir singing Leonard Cohen’s Allelulia at Elsa’s defence.



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