Laura Meredith from the University of Arizona will pay the ECOFUN team a visit after a bout of recent fieldwork in the Amazon basin. Laura will kindly give a seminar on her research on Wednesday 24th June at 14:00 titled:

Microbe-mediated trace gas fluxes – linking ecosystem genomics to atmospheric composition

Microorganisms play a significant role in driving biogeochemical cycles that shape the composition of Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and soils. Many microbe-mediated processes have a leading-order impact on climate variability, are susceptible to global change (potential for feedbacks), and remain difficult to predict (e.g., CH4, N2O, biological particles). In soils, understanding microbe-environment interactions is critical for predicting the response of large soil carbon reservoirs to changes in land use and climate. In my research, I quantify the microbial imprint on atmospheric composition and climate using an interdisciplinary set of methods, ranging from genomics to micrometeorology. My work focuses on resolving the genetic underpinnings of microbe-mediated biogeochemical transformations in soils that drive significant atmospheric fluxes (e.g., H2, COS, 18O-CO2, CO2, CH4)! . I utilize trace gas flux measurements, alongside genomics and geochemical measurements, to study microbe-environment interactions over various spatial and temporal scales. The goal of this talk will be to demonstrate an improve the process-based understanding at the gene level can be linked to the atmosphere.​

More information on Laura’s research activities can be found on her website.

We are all looking forward to welcoming Laura to Bordeaux for a few weeks.



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