Work placement position in ecosystem-atmosphere interactions

We are currently looking for a motivated lab assistant to work on an experiment studying how soil and environmental characteristics influence soil microbial community and their gas exchange with the atmosphere.

The lab assistant will join the EcoFun team at INRA Bordeaux ( and work within the ERC project SOLCA to improve predictions of the current and future global carbon cycle using multiple tracers. In this project we combine lab experiments and models in order to get a better understanding of the controls of carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbonyl sulphide (OCS) fluxes from soils, and their stable isotope (13C/12C, 18O/16O) composition.

The lab assistant will participate to soil sampling and preparation for laboratory soil microcosm experiments and will be trained on a diverse range of soil chemical measurements such as soil pH, total and extractable C and N contents or soil microbial biomass. He/she will also punctually use other equipment such as freeze-dryers, vacuum water extraction lines and a liquid water stable isotope analyser.

We are looking for individuals with a strong interest in soil analytical chemistry work (weighing, solution preparation, filtration and sampling in very clean conditions) and good organisation and communication skills (several samples and several tasks to deal with, in coordination with the rest of the team). This position should be seen as a great opportunity to acquire important new skills and work experience in an international and dynamic research team.

The position is for three months, with a start date as soon as possible. Salary is commensurate with the work experience of the applicant, within the INRA salary grid.

So if you would like to come and join our team for a few months over the summer period and gain some research experience then please contact either Lisa Wingate or Aurore Kaisermann.

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