The bigest and bluest

The biggest and bluest poster in the venue

Last week half of our team met in Vienna for the general assembly of the European Geosciences Union 2016. All our presentations and contributions had great success: Jérôme Ogée gave a talk on incorporating novel tracers into a global modelling framework; Lisa Wingate showed us why and when drought-stressed trees die in an arid environment and she also organized a meeting that brought together all the community working with our favorite atmospheric gas (COS… or is it OCS?); Thomas Launois gave a presentation that showed us where all the COS has gone (clue: the answer is something very big and very blue) and also presented a poster advancing his early findings on COS budgets in a temperate forest; in his talk, Jason West walked us through a revolutionary approach to measure leaf internal resistances; Sam Jones managed to present two posters at the same time: one focused on his previous work on methane emission in tropical mountains and a second one on how to estimate the crucial role of the enzyme carbonic anhydrase in the soil and finally I (Teresa Gimeno) chaired my first session on the effects of elevated CO2 on terrestrial ecosystems, with great success (or was the room just a bit too small?), I also presented a poster (also big and blue, see piccie) suggesting that some of our assumptions about COS uptake by the vegetation should be revisited, at least for mosses and during the night. Fabulous and stimulating week.

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