Last January, Steven Wohl, Grace Jho and me (Teresa Gimeno) joined Jean-Christophe Domec on his field trip. We drove to a typical maritime pine plantation of ‘Les Landes’ region, managed and supervised (but not owned) by the forest and agricultural engineering school of Bordeaux (Bordeaux Science Agro). It is always a pleasure to spend the day out in the woods with Jean-Christophe, we learned about traditional and modern forestry management in the region and the history behind it. We visited a plantation where multiple tree cohorts coexisted and discussed different thinning regimes aimed at maximizing productivity. We learned how these pine plantation are strongly limited by their abiotic environment: sandy soils subjected to frequent flooding and strong prevailing winds from the west. Finally, we could check under the binoculars how these abiotic constraints have an imprint on the wood formation and physiological adaptation on these trees.20160120_133758


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